Paketo community newsletter No. 3

David Espejo

Hello Paketo community!


Before heading to the updates, we’d like to gauge the interest on moving the weekly Working Group meetings to a more EMEA friendly time. If you are interested, please add your proposed times (or vote for the ones already proposed) in this Doodle survey.


New features/Buildpacks

  • Java buildpack 7.0.0 and Java Azure 8.0.0 released. Before upgrading, please review:
    • If you are using the Datadog Node.js agent, you should review its release notes for details before upgrading to this buildpack version
    • Liberty has had a major version update. Check their release notes before upgrading
  • Go buildpack 2.1.0 released, including reproducible builds!
  • Paketo Elastic APM buildpack 5.0.0. A previously commercial buildpack, now contributed as open source!

RFCs of note

  • Include libs to tiny that are needed for node #231
  • Create scratch stack #243
  • Builder config RFC #241


  • Register for Cloud Foundry Day, a Kubecon NA collocated event happening on October 25th.
    • Registration is free both for in-person and virtual attendance, learn more here!
  • New blog post by Kevin Ortega from IBM: “WebSphere Liberty now available” 



  • Bloomberg
    • Uses Paketo-based buildpacks for internal platforms
    • Paketo is one of the buildpacks options that Fly users can select from in flyctl

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Top 5 most active repos (by # of commits last 30 days, excluding RFCs)

  1. packit
  2. Java
  3. Java-azure
  4. liberty
  5. samples





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