Paketo community newsletter No. 4

David Espejo

Hello Paketo community!


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Project updates

  • Paketo Buildpacks project has achieved OpenSSF Best Practices badge!
    • This is a baseline of best practices around Security, Quality, Analysis among others; which can help to produce better and more secure software. Learn more in the OpenSSF’s README
  • Heads up: new Working Group meeting cadence
    • In order to accommodate to more timezones, WG Meeting has moved to a new schedule:
      • 60 minutes, alternating weekly at Tuesday at 18:00 UTC and Wednesday at 15:00 UTC
      • Subscribe to the public calendar here (if you’re a MS Office 365 user, learn here how to subscribe to a calendar from Outlook)
      • See notes and meeting agenda

New features/Buildpacks

  • Python Buildpack now supports running on any Linux based stack as of v2.2.0
  • Jammy static stack, as proposed by RFC0053, released 0.0.1 version

RFCs of note

  • RFC0053: create static stack has been implemented
  • RCF0050: Rename Buildpacks: implementation is complete



New Adopters

  • Doximity: using and extending Paketo Buildpacks for their internal platform
  • Randoli: Paketo Buildpacks are one of the options for Randoli’s App Director users to build apps

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Contributor shoutout

  • Jerico Pena from Rapid7. After some time exploring the project, Jerico came with an idea: how to add support for any stack to the cpython buildpack? After a good round of discussions (both in Slack and the WG meeting) with the maintainer’s team, the end result was merged and sparked some really interesting conversations. If that’s not enough, he even found time to help us beta-test the User Survey and has provided precious feedback to the project

Thank you Jerico, you are Paketo’s Contributor of the Month!




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David Espejo


Senior Open Source Community Manager



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