Paketo community newsletter No. 5

David Espejo

Hello Paketo community!


Project updates

  • Results of the most recent OSS Health Assessment are out!
    • Highlights
      • 110% growth in contributors making a huge impact on delivering new features, reporting bugs and helping other users
      • Works needs to be done in the Diversity front, enablement (tutorials,etc) and outreach
    • Summarized findings here
  • Changes to Governance model
    • With the aim of having a more streamlined contributor ladder, we completed the following changes:
      • Removed the ‘Member’ role as it was an intermediate step before ‘Contributor’ without clearly defined requirements
      • Renamed ‘Everyone” to ‘Community participant’ including the responsibility of following the CFF’s Code of Conduct
  • Feedback requested: we’d like to hear from you on how you’d like to stay up to date in large changes in the buildpacks ecosystem. Your thoughts on this discussion would be really appreciated!

New features/Buildpacks

  • Paketo Buildpack for .NET Core v0.25.0 includes support for .NET 7!
  • Paketo Buildpack for Go v3.1.0 includes support for * stacks. This means that the buildpack should run on any linux-based stack! Shoutout to Jerico Pena from Rapid7 for pushing PR #487 and working with the maintainers to make this a reality!

Contributor shoutout

  • Phillip Stehle from SAP has been elected Contributor of the Month, November 2022! Phillip has contributed code to 6 repos including making the desire to have a dashboard to track buildpacks releases, commits and other metrics a reality! Big thank you for your contributions and we hope you enjoy your swag 😊




While Kubecon session recordings are not available just yet, here are the slides for the sessions featuring Paketo:

Once recordings are available for the Kubecon and CF Day sessions, we’ll post them here+Slack



New Adopters


Porter: Porter supports Paketo buildpacks as an option for users to build and deploy their applications on Kubernetes without having to manually containerize them


Greenhouse: Greenhouse uses the Paketo Python and NodeJS buildpacks to drive developer builds within our internal Platform as a Service. Switching to Paketo has been pretty seamless and saved us a ton of work.



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